Golf Cart Batteries

Golf cart batteries are a special type called deep cycle and are not the same type of battery that is in your car or truck.  Golf cart batteries are created to be deep cycle batteries which means that they can be discharged to a reduced voltage without having harm to their cores.  Golf cart batteries must be recharged correctly to attain top battery efficiency and must remain on the  battery charger overnight to receive the best  results .  Golf cart batteries have extremely thick plates and are created for hours of heavy discharge every day, followed by a quick recharge in only a few hours every night.

The lifespan of a 6 volt golf cart battery is four to five years, which is comparatively short, but they are extremely resilient and can be chronically undercharged and still function okay.  All golf cart batteries come in 6 volts but are created to work in either a 12 or 24 volt system.  Depending on the size and make of your golf cart you may have a total number between 4 and 8 golf cart batteries in your golf cart.  

6 volt golf cart batteries

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GC8V-WEB                                                                                                       YES 220AMP

  • Deep cycle performance  for  motive power
  • Marine and recreational vehicle answer for extended power  vs normal deep cycle battery
  • 200AMP-YESHandling made easy, using battery lifting hook connectors
  • Top of the line batteries for Golf Cart, RV, Marine and Industrial Applications
  • Quarter turn vent caps with flame     arrestor
  • Thru-the-partition welds creates a shorter current path which reduces electrical resistance and delivers MORE power to the terminals

6v golf cart batteries

Golf cart batteries are six volt deep cycle lead acid batteries widely used to power small systems and provide the energy and power to keep a golf cart going. A golf cart batteries power is not measured in volts but in amps.  All Golf Cart batteries are Deep Cycle lead acid 6 volt golf cart batteries.

Quality golf cart batteries will have higher number of discharge cycles available then the cheaper models. At Battery Bill we have a large selection of electric golf cart batteries 6v by the most reliable brands on the market. At Battery Bill, Inc., you’ll discover a large selection golf cart batteries ready to power your next outing and of course our batteries are guaranteed with a 100% customer satisfaction.  We also carry golf cart batteries cables.  Call now for your new 6 volt golf cart battery prices.


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