Maintenance Free Commercial Batteries Series 31

Maintenance Free Commercial Batteries are sealed maintenance free batteries in popular sizes.

Maintenance Free Commercial Battery Series 31



  • Calcium grids self discharge much slower than conventional batteries
  • Easy carry, picnic-style handles
  • Center lug radial grid design
  • Envelope separators
  • Rugged reinforced ribbed poly container

Manilia Manufactured – Factory Sealed

  • 1000 CCA / 1250 CA / 200 Min. Res. Grey/Grey
  • 800 CCA / 1000 CA / 180 Min. Res. Blk/Blk

Los Angeles Manufactured

  • 950 CCA / 1190 CA / 180 Min. Res. Grey/Grey
  • 750 CCA /  940 CA / 150 Min. Res. Blk/Blk


At Battery Bill we have a large selection of maintenance free commercial series 31 batteries by the most reliable brands on the market and of course our batteries are guaranteed with a 100% customer satisfaction.


“I needed a new battery for my 2001 Honda Civic, and my coworker recommended Battery Bill since they were just down the street from our office and she said they did a great job.  I dropped in at 4:30 hoping they wouldn’t try to gi…”
Paid less than I was expecting
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