Technical Features

1. Case/Lid

a. Less weight, shock-resistant and acid-resistant by PP Resin.
b. Special-designed structure to prevent short-circuit from
active material shedding in the bottom.

2. Terminal

a. Casted with special lead alloy.
b. Special plating to minimize heat generation and electric resistance.
c. Designed to Vibration resistance.
d. Easy detachable with standard & Bolt/Nut Structure.

3. Cap

a. Engineering structure to vent gas out.
b. Easy to refill and maintenance.

4. Separator

a. Porous Rubber material against acid and corrosion.
b. Excellent physical characteristics and lower electric resistance.
c. Using micro-fiber Glass-mat against active-material shedding.

5. Plates

a. Negative : 99.9% pure lead with hard paste feature.
special additives for deep cycle purpose.
b. Positive : Corrosion-resistant grid with hard p


Great service! They checked my battery, checked my alternator & cleaned my terminals. I purchased a used battery and all I spent was $40.Awesome place!
All I spent was $40
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