1. Container (Reinforced PP Case, Heat Sealed)

Maximized mechanical strength by using heat-resisting, acid-resisting PP resin.

2. Cover (Secondary PP Cover)

Prevent outflow of acid by twofold design with labyrinth of exchanging of water structure. (Maintenance free)

3. Spark Proof Filter (Flame Arrestor)

Prevent spark by Outside Ignition, installing flame arrestor in the inside cover.

4. Indicator

Indicate battery’s state of charge automatically.

5. Proprietary Suit Case Style Handle

Convenient suit case style handle simplifies handling and improves appearance.

6. Bushing (Cold-Forged Terminal Bushing)

High strength cold forged bushings improve durability while preventing acid seepage, which cause corrosion and depolarization of the terminal.

7. More Electrolyte

Maximizing the electrolyte space above the plates improves battery life in the harshest conditions. Up to more than 1 inch more than the
competition ensures maximum performance and superior life.

8. Internal Pole Strap

Maximize structure design for high rate discharge.

9. Automatic controlled cast on strap

Formation by automatic controlled cast on strap helps maintained high quality product.

10. Rolled Expanded Grid

Wrought, high tin, grids offer superior corrosion resistance maximizing life and reducing self discharge.

11. Plates (Hard Paste Plates)

Maximized Life Cycle Capacity and starting ability by using high density active material and special additives.

12. Diamond Mesh

Diamond shape of Grid improves plate conductivity.

13. Proprietary Tissue for Positive Plates

Maximized the life cycle by using special tissue and this special tissue prevent falling off the active material while charging and discharging.

14. Hot Melt Bonded Elements

Adhesive bonded elements improves vibration resistance and eliminates shorts caused by grid growth.


Great service! They checked my battery, checked my alternator & cleaned my terminals. I purchased a used battery and all I spent was $40.Awesome place!
All I spent was $40
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