Maintenance Free Car Batteries

With the advancements in the battery technology we have maintenance free auto batteries that are sealed type batteries that do not need any maintenance for longer periods.ramcar mf-auto

Maintenance Free Automotive Batteries

  • The highest level of performance in maintenance free batteries.  These Philippine batteries need no additional water during their normal service life.
  • Designed to withstand all temperature extremes – the cold northern climate to the hot southern climate.
  • Heat sealed case and cover – envelope separators – calcium/calcium plates all adds to above standard construction of a normal conventional lead acid automotive battery. 
  • Full range of cranking performances from 400 cca’s to 850 cca’s to fit all your customers’ demands.
  • Optional state of change indication eye.
  • Stronger calcium grids withstand the increased heat commonly experienced in high underhood temperatures.
  • Optional pod vent to make battery accessible to fill if needed due to over charging.
  • Easy to carry handle. (most sizes)
  • Calcium grids self discharge much slower than conventional batteries which means longer shelf life prior to installation.  Maintenance_Free_Auto_Batteries_Sacramento_CA

Battery Bill we have a large selection of electric maintenance free automotive batteries by the most reliable brands on the market.  At Battery Bill, Inc., in Sacramento and Stockton California you’ll discover a large selection of maintenance free car batteries and of course our batteries are guaranteed with a 100% customer satisfaction.